Geek Pride Day is…um…EVERY DAY!

Today, May 25th, is supposed to be Geek Pride day.  And Towel Day (for you Douglas Adams fans).  And the 35th Anniversary of the U.S. release of the original Star Wars film. As you would imagine all three of those things are tied in together in some way, shape or form because that’s just how Geek Culture works.

But for people like me, Geek Pride Day is every single day.  I’m proud to be a geek. Damn proud, actually.  And I don’t need a phoney baloney holiday to prove it.


Me (on the left) and Darth Aitch (on the right): Two big Star Wars geeks!

I’m the guy who reads comic books on the bus on the way to and from work every day.  That’s a double dose of geekery with the reading of the comics AND the taking of the bus.  I do so not only for my general entertainment but also in the hope that someone may see what I’m reading and strike up a conversation about comics.  You’d be amazed at how often it actually happens.

I’m the guy who Tweets and Facebooks things about comics books and geek culture 90% of the time.  The other 10% is usually about food.  Or fart jokes.  You may think it’s blatant professional pimpery, but it’s really borne out of love of the medium of comics and the various genres of geek culture.

I’m the guy who is always trying to bring other people into the geek fold by giving away comics to new readers, or trying to bring smaller groups of geeks together into one much larger gaggle of geeks.  Think of me as the guy who tries to help form a Geek Gestalt.

I’m the guy who has three dozen various geeky t-shirts, a dozen of which alone are somehow related to Superman.  And I’m almost out of my 30s.


Halloween 2011 saw me give Superman a Victorian flair

I’m the guy who tries to incorporate being a Geek into his Halloween costume year in and year out.  It’s usually my lone chance to cosplay in front of friends and strangers, which inevitably leads to me wanting to cosplay on a more regular basis — even though I end up ditching the idea every single time.

I’m the guy who found himself a beautiful, smart and funny geek bride. A woman who was open to reading comics. Who hates chick-flicks and instead favors zombie thrillers and sci-fi epics.

I’m the guy who had the Throne Room song from Star Wars played as the recessional at his wedding. And entered the reception to the Superman Theme. And had his first dance with his bride to the song that was the theme to Roswell.  We made our own wedding cake topper out of Sculpey.  Can you get geekier than that in terms of a wedding?

I’m the hipster of Geeks. I was a geek before it was cool!

And I know there are so many more of you out there just like me, so I say to you on this day, REVEL IN YOUR GEEKERY!  Be proud of what you are. But don’t do it just today.  Do it every single day of your life!

Wear your geek pride on your sleeve. Possibly the sleeve of whatever superhero or Joss Whedon-inspired t-shirt you may be wearing at the moment. Let people know you’re a geek!

You just may be surprised at how many of us there are.

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