On the Record about OFF THE RECORD

The episode I filmed earlier this month for Abington News & Views’ OFF THE RECORD will hit the airwaves beginning this Friday (May 11th) and running until Wednesday (May 16th).

This episode, which dealt with Republicans and Democrats facing off about various local and national topics, was my first time on OFF THE RECORD.  It also marked my return to television since that episode of SPICE UP MY KITCHEN aired back in 2007.  What makes this even more interesting is that my debut as a panelist also coincided with my first time hosting a television show, especially one that is handled in a roundtable discussion format.  I had to play moderator as well as Democratic blowhard.  Not an easy task!  I got to pretend to be a slightly less Jewish and less gray-haired John Stewart.


Holt, Lombardi, Shortall and Sklaroff on Abington News & Views' OFF THE RECORD

The guests on the episode, besides myself, included Democratic State Committeeman Greg Holt, Republican advocate Dr. Robert B. Sklaroff, and Republican blogger Mike Shortall (http://crankymanslawn.com/).  There was no blood shed during the filming of the episode.

Abington News & Views reaches approximately 40,000 homes in all of Abington, Cheltenham, Jenkintown, Upper Moreland, Lower Moreland, parts of Horsham and Northeast Philadelphia. The show will air on Comcast (Channel 190) and some Verizon FiOS areas as well.  The times are as follows:

Friday 5/11 at 7:00 pm…

Sunday 5/13 at 3:00 pm…

Monday 5/14 at 7:00 pm…

Tuesday 5/15 at 7:00 pm…

Wednesday 5/16 at 7:00 pm…

The website for Abington News & Views, which hosts OFF THE RECORD, is http://www.abingtonnewsandviews.com/

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