Who Is Marc Lombardi?

Marc Lombardi is a South Philadelphia native who packed away his city lifestyle and moved to the suburbs in the Summer of 2003.  He is married and lives in Abington, PA with his wife, Nicole, and their five cats.

Marc is a proud geek and an avid sports fan whose interests range from comic books, movies, television and reading to home improvement, video games, bowling and plenty of other things that the average 39-year-old feels too mature to take an interest in.  He is also a foodie, a wino and in the midst of trying to become a traveller but Marc will admit that not driving makes that somewhat difficult.

Marc works professionally in International Logistics/Freight Forwarding and works for fun as the Promotions/Social Media guru for Shadowline Comics, a partner company of Image Comics. Marc is also an Editor and Talent Acquisitions specialist for GrayHaven Comics, a Reading, PA-based comic book publishing company.  His comic book writing has appeared in various issues of The Gathering, an anthology series from GrayHaven.

He is often involved with the ROSLYN EVENTS COMMITTEE (and the Roslyn Film Festival). Marc and his wife have fostered and found homes for feral cats and kittens.  He and his wife also appeared on an episode of HGTV’s Spice Up My Kitchen during the show’s second season. Most recently, Marc has worked as a TV host on the final two episoded of “OFF THE RECORD” for Abington News & Views (Comcast 190).

Marc has also been published as a journalist in the South Philadelphia Review, Philadelphia magazine, Mid-Atlantic Weekends, Elegant Wedding, Men’s Health magazine and the Philadelphia Daily News.

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