The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

In the Neanderthal Age, most cavewomen were attracted to cavemen for their physical stature, their masculinity, and quite possibly the size of their clubs. The bigger the brow and the hairier the chest, the more cavewomen a caveman would quite literally have to beat off with a stick.

In the Modern Age, an equally large number of women are attracted to men for their economic stature, their reliability and, oddly still, the size of their clubs (so to speak). But the bigger the brain and the more financially stable the career, the more likely a man of today is going to find himself with a thrall of interested female admirers.

That’s not to say that many, most or all women are money-hungry. Nor is it to say that physical attraction is not predominant in modern romantic encounters. It has just become more apparent that brains are finally starting to catch up with brawn as one of the more attractive qualities in a male mate.

In other words, it’s a great time to be a Geek.  

I’m a Geek. I will proclaim it from the highest mountaintops and scream it in the most echo-laden valleys.


Hail to the Geek: Then Senator Barack Obama in Metropolis, IL in 2007.

Our President, arguably the most powerful man in the free world, is a self-professed Comic Book Geek, Sure, Barack Obama may be the first President of the United States to have a basketball court installed at the White House, but he’s also appeared alongside Spider-Man and Youngblood and fought Bomb Queen in the pages of various comic books.  And you have to imagine that he has them all bagged and boarded somewhere waiting to get them CGC-graded like a good little nerd.

Bill Gates is the second wealthiest man in the world. There’s a better than 50% chance that he invented whatever operating system you’re using to read this blog. And while he’s not exactly a ladies man, Gates is married and both he and his wife are amongst the most philanthropic in the world. His financial status and reputation cannot be regarded as anything other than success. They don’t come much geekier than Gates.

There are Geeks everywhere you look on television; Big Bang Theory, Bones, Chuck, Community, How I Met Your Mother.  Not just Geeks but likeable Geeks. They’re not just the comedic sidekicks.  The Geeks are the stars. We’ve come a long, long way since the days of Steve Urkel and Screech. Now we are represented by ass-kicking superspies that quote Star Wars and brainy experimental physicists that date blonde hotties.

Please allow me to reiterate; it’s chic to be a Geek. Why else would all of those hipsters want to dress the way they do?

As an additional bonus to the way geek culture has invaded our every-day world, we in the Philadelphia suburbs are living in a modern paradise for Geeks. There are some great places to be a Geek in and around Montgomery County.

Brave New Worlds

Brave New Worlds in Willow Grove -- Geek Heaven

If you’re into comic books, look no further than Brave New Worlds in Willow Grove.  Not only do they have massive amounts of comics and “graphic novels” (for those who are still uncomfortable calling them comic books), but they have a plethora of supplies for role playing games and miniatures, action figures, apparel and accessories.  Other comic shops in and around the ‘burbs include Cyborg One in Doylestown and Comics & More (locations in the Plymouth Meeting and King of Prussia malls).  There’s also 7th Dimension Games in Roslyn for those looking to paint some orcs or space marines or maybe pick up the newest D&D Monster Manual.

If getting your garb on is more your speed, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire opens its Shire to the world every


The Perfect Storm of Geekdom - Superman in a Kilt

 August through October in Manheim, PA — a measly hour drive from many of the Northern suburbs. While most patrons are comfortable in their doublets, kilts, wench wear and pirate gear, you still see plenty of normal folk taking in the sights and sounds of 16th Century England plopped right in the middle of Pennsylvania. Plenty of alcohol and an open container policy (the Shire is on the grounds of the Mount Hope Mansion and Winery) helps to get you in a joyful mood. But if Manheim seems too far and you can’t wait until Summer, you can get a taste of the experience at the New Hope Renaissance Faire on April 16th and 17th. Be forewarned, however, that the Knights of New Hope (a.k.a. local constabulary) are not too keen on the portability of ale so there is that subtle difference between the two Faires.

You don’t have to wear a pocket protector or horn-rimmed glasses with tape holding them together to be a Geek. Those are the attributes of a dork and when it comes to the differences between a geek and a dork, well that’s like comparing peaches and kiwi. They may both be fuzzy but they’re not remotely the same. Geeks look down on Nerds. Nerds look down on Dorks. And everyone looks down on Furries.

We geeks are a proud sort. We stick together. We recognize each other for our accomplishments.  We use our intelligence and fandom as a tool, not as a weapon.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t rule the world one day.

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